I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm the owner and coach for New Vision Health Coaching.  I'm Marianne and I'm a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach.

I help individuals overwhelmed with stress and negative thinking patterns to improve happiness and harmony in health. 

I always wanted to help people.  That's why I started my career as a rehabilitation professional.  As a driven, type-A perfectionist, I worked very hard to make a difference for each of my clients.  I lived for years with the mantra "mind over matter": my health was neglected while I focused on caring for others.  


For years, I lived each day like a metaphorical fire fighter, constantly putting out fires but not attending to my own.  Eventually my body got my attention.  I started to experience strange food sensitivities, fatigue, pain, migraines, and insomnia.   


 Although I valued my health and well-being, many healthy behaviors had fallen to the bottom of my priority list.  I longed to find improved quality of life where I had energy and vitality for myself and my family.

My conventional doctor didn't have answers for me about why I felt so sick and tired.  I didn't want to give up hope so I began to learn about how diet and lifestyle factors were affecting my body.  Eventually, I found my way to greater health after doing a lot of research and wrestling with old habits.  I found I felt much better after cleaning up my diet, incorporating mindfulness into my life, and practicing stress management.  This process took years of trial and error!


Sometimes it is hard to navigate this process on our own.  Every single person has patterns and habits that hold them back.  Working to change these habits takes courage and perseverance.  This is where health coaching can be very helpful.  Health coaches are experts in the science of behavior change and will partner with you to collaborate in identifying your ultimate vision of wellness and then help you to make lasting changes needed to get there.  A coach will recognize you as the expert in your life and support you finding your own way.


I have become an ADAPT functional health coach because I care about helping people and I know that there are many women and men who, like me, could use some support in creating a healthier lifestyle.   I have completed a robust one-year training program in functional health coaching with the Kresser Institute and am prepared to coach you to your wellness vision!  I bring with me over 20 years experience working with individuals across the lifespan in a holistic healthcare field and an MS degree in Developmental Psychology.  I have also addressed my own chronic health challenges with functional health strategies and found new hope!


In coaching clients, I emphasize the importance of having a clear vision, practicing self-awareness, utilizing your unique strengths and talents, and approaching life authentically.  I believe that the pursuit of health and wellness involves much more than eating right or exercising; it involves care of mind, body, and spirit.  A healthy life is one where you can be empowered to be yourself, pursue the life you were meant to live, and embrace each day with joy.  

I would be honored to partner with you in your health and wellness journey!  I am available to schedule a free, no-obligations Introductory Session with you so that we can discuss the process of coaching and your dreams for a healthier life.  Contact me today!  Or subscribe to my email list for updates while you think it over. 

Let's collaborate in pursuit of your wellness!


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