• Marianne Gernetzke, MS, NBC-HWC, A-CFHC

Basic Mindfulness: Take a Breath

Mindfulness involves practicing moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment while choosing to apply kindness, compassion, and acceptance to what we find.

Many individuals find that taking time to practice mindfulness for a few moments each day is a simple starting point that yields positive results. Mindfulness can be very helpful in managing stress, bringing relaxation into the body, or improving our everyday experience.

You can begin by simply taking a breath and listening to your body.

Tuning into your breath can become a useful tool to shift your awareness away from negative thoughts, become more connected to your body, and to discover opportunities to choose how you show up for others.

This brief breathing meditation takes approximately 6 minutes and is a simple practice to start with:

First, tune into your immediate experience: What do you hear in the room? Feel in your body? Notice in your thoughts?

Second, tune into the rhythm of your breath. Follow this rhythm and center your awareness there.

Third, slowly expand your awareness to your body and immediate environment. Notice how you feel. What might have changed?

Would you like to give this a try? Here is a brief breathing meditation created and narrated by our coach, Marianne:

We'd love to know how this meditation worked for you. What happens in your life when you use your breath in this way?

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