"My world was turned upside down by a house fire and the loss of my five beloved cats.  Having Marianne as my coach was a blessing.  I'm thankful for her help."  - Sue from Louisiana

"I know I'm better off having these coaching sessions.  I have a better quality of life ... You're a great coach.  It's helped me a lot".  - male in Texas

"Marianne helped me to become more open to using relaxation and meditation skills. We set goals to use these skills in a way that got results".  - Kelly from South Carolina

"Thank you SO very much for your coaching! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience . Thank you for guiding me the way to fulfilling all my goals. I highly recommend your practice". -Tracy from Tennessee

"You're really professional and compassionate.  I want to express my gratitude for your guidance to help me get a more positive way of life".

-Male coaching client in Northeast USA


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